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I love designing wallpapers. Fact. So much fun. 

Actually finding manufacturers isn't always the easy part. This was a little easier, after a chance encounter with another designer on instagram, who started emailing me advice + heads up with manufacturers regarding wallpapers. This sort of thing, early on is invaluable. Thank you Emma!

I work with a wonderful family wallpaper manufacturer in the UK. A generational wallpaper printer. Their attention to detail is fantastic, and it's a lovely partnership between myself and them. 

The wallpapers are printed in the UK using non-toxic, water-based inks on FSC certified paper. The paper is non-woven so you paste the wall to hang it. (which means more time for coffee + cake right?!)

The papers have been treated for bathrooms also. 

Each roll is 52cm wide and 10m long.


The reason I use the non woven papers is that it has enough texture to feel, but also not too much, that all you see is texture. The non woven is great as I said before you can paste the wall to hang it. Gone are the days of spreading the wallpaper out along a bench and pasting it that way. Time -saving is everywhere now, and glad to say the wallpapering in your home has caught up too. 

I started out with three designs on wallpapers, and happy to say this week more designs will become available as a made to order process. 

Designing for wallpapers can be varied in terms of time. As with most design, some can take several weeks to try and get right, but others like my BEAR + WOODS kids wallpaper came about quite easily, though several days were spent on it. It's a very moveable feast. A feast that I love. 

Keep your eyes peeled for the new designs. Any questions. Just give me a shout. 


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